Immortal Quest

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Name: Immortal Quest
Works on: windowsWindows 7 and above
Developer: BittenToast
Version: 0.6
Last Updated: 03 Oct 2017
Category: ShooterShoot'em upCasualActionAdventure
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Works on: Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 2012
File Format: zip

SHA1 Hash: 9fffc25239c9c70ce6330df27c4261b8ede815dd
Game Platform: PC | Windows
Price: Free
Size: 42.91 MB

Rating: 2.2115384615385 out of 5 based on 52 user ratings
Downloads: 746
License: Free
Immortal Quest is a free game by BittenToast and works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 2012.
You can download Immortal Quest which is 42.91 MB in size and belongs to the games category Shooter, Shoot'em up, Casual, Action/Adventure.
Immortal Quest was last updated on 2017-10-03 and is currently at version 0.6.
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It takes a bit of work in order to develop an addictive video game, regardless of genre. Hence, the size of the studio undertaking the task is rarely important, because even independent developers with a small crew can create games that keep gamers occupied for hundreds of hours. Naturally, it’s important to come up with engaging gameplay mechanics in order to do so.

Defeat your enemies and clear every level

Immortal Quest is a top-down shooter with roguelike elements, in which your goal is to use a magic staff in order to defeat enemies and make it to the exit in one piece. The enemies get tougher and tougher later on, not to mention the fact that they come in greater numbers as well, which means that the challenge increases the longer you manage to survive.
As mentioned before, you use a magic staff to shoot projectiles, but that’s about everything it’s good for. There’s no way to cast fancy spells or anything of the sort, which can be a bit disappointing after a while. In fact, the game becomes repetitive quite fast, given the fact that the environments never change, and the enemies are copy-pasted as well, even if they look slightly different later on.

Decent graphics and good controls

Besides shooting and moving, your character has one more trick up his sleeve: Dashing. This allows you to instantly cover short distances, which comes in handy when you need to avoid enemy projectiles. It’s also worth mentioning that some levels force you to make soul sacrifices at an altar before moving on, but that only means that you have to kill some enemies while standing on the pentagram, which is very easy to achieve.
Lastly, the controls are simple and functional as well, especially since all you need to do is move and shoot. In addition, the graphics are not bad either, but the level design could use a lot more work, given the fact that every room is basically the same dungeon with a slightly different layout. This can easily get on your nerves, and it’s difficult to keep playing for more than a few minutes.

A promising project that needs more work

All in all, Immortal Quest might just have what it takes to become a fan favorite, but not quite yet. Thus, it needs a lot more variety and a few upgrades for your character in order to keep you engaged for longer than a few minutes.