Spooky's House of Jump Scares

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Name: Spooky's House of Jump Scares
Works on: windowsWindows 7 and above
Developer: Lag Studios
Version: 4
Last Updated: 27 Apr 2017
Category: ExplorationMazeHorrorActionAdventure
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Works on: Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 2012
File Format: zip

SHA1 Hash: 932b587a483b30146430ffd8e9f330a07fe11ad3
Game Platform: PC | Windows
Price: Free
Size: 248.09 MB

Rating: 2.2641509433962 out of 5 based on 53 user ratings
Downloads: 1057
License: Free
Spooky's House of Jump Scares is a free game by Lag Studios and works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 2012.
You can download Spooky's House of Jump Scares which is 248.09 MB in size and belongs to the games category Exploration, Maze, Horror, Action/Adventure.
Spooky's House of Jump Scares was last updated on 2017-04-27 and is currently at version 4.
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The first time I played Spooky's House of Jump Scares was when it first came out, a good while back but then I had a bit of an issue with how things looked. Navigating through the rooms and corridors was a bit odd. It just didn’t feel right and not from the whole horror theme point of view. We’re talking mechanics here.
I picked it up again and started playing, the issue was gone, the game looks much better and now here I am 250 rooms in and I can’t stop. I might have a problem.

A conglomerate of unexpected things that come together to deliver some pretty classy scares

Spooky's House of Jump Scares is a dead serious title. This is a scary game so don’t you go thinking that just because it looks harmless it’s going to be so. The game will get some good scares out of you and a good deal of them are caused by cardboard cutouts of little smiling octopuses. I mean it.
This indie title manages to implement a bunch of things that make a horror game good while still maintaining a rather different look. You get a misleading environment, monsters that chase you, monsters that kill you, a randomized maze to panic in, humorous notes and all of those are covered in an excellently created atmosphere.

You haven’t had enough until you reach the end, but you won’t reach the end

The rooms in Spooky's House of Jump Scares do tend to repeat themselves a lot. Sometimes it feels like the game is a bit too repetitive but when that feeling starts to take shape, something happens and resets your understanding of the game.
Every 50 rooms you reach a save point and from that moment on the game slightly changes in looks and a new gameplay elements appear. Gradually, Spooky's House of Jump Scares becomes a lot more interesting than you initially thought.
For example, I really didn’t expect to come across a Pac-Man arcade game which I could actually play. Not to mention that I wasn’t the pellet hungry thing but one of the ghosts. Spooky's House of Jump Scares has its fair share of weird moments that easily become sinister.

Definitely worth playing, it just is a wonderful experience

On a closing note, Spooky's House of Jump Scares is a game that might really surprise you if you’re into horror games, the kind that don’t rely on gore and body parts nailed to walls. Simply put, it’s a wacky looking game that quickly gets strange and then unsettling.


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