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Name: Backup4all Standard
Works on: windowsWindows XP and above
Developer: Softland
Version: 6.5
Last Updated: 13 Jun 2017
Release: 12 Apr 2017
Category: System > Backup and Recovery
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Backup4all Standard Details

Works on: Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows XP | Windows 2000 | Windows 2003 | Windows 2008 | Windows Vista | Windows 2012
SHA1 Hash: 87d9773db45d3c9f91b67a73d0fa02a92bb341e1
Size: 112.74 MB
File Format: exe
Publisher Website: External Link
Downloads: 114
License: Demo / Trial Version
Backup4all Standard is a demo software by Softland and works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2012.
You can download Backup4all Standard which is 112.74 MB in size and belongs to the software category Backup and Recovery.
Backup4all Standard was released on 2017-04-12 and last updated on our database on 2017-06-13 and is currently at version 6.5.
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Backup4all Standard Description

  • Intuitive interface:
  • The Brief View and Getting Started window allows you to easily define/run backup jobs or restore backed up data. Switching to the Explore View, you can see all the files/folders that are in the backup job and the new files that will be stored at the next backup execution. You can sort and search the file tree in Explore view. You can start this backup application at windows startup or minimize it to the system tray
  • Backup locked or open files (XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7):
  • Backup4all uses the Volume Shadow Copy service that allows you to back up local open files from NTFS partitions in Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008 Server. Now you can backup your emails and settings without closing Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or other email clients
  • File and Folder Filters:
  • Powerful file and folder filtering engine with lots of options to filter by attribute, size, date, name and type). You can create filters using a combination of restrictions and you can define separate filters for inclusion and exclusion
  • Built-in Scheduler:
  • You can easily setup a powerful scheduler using the available scheduler configurations to make unattended backups. Backups can also be scheduled to run when the computer shuts down
  • Manage multiple backup jobs:
  • This backup software allows defining multiple backup jobs and saving them for future use. On the main form, you have an overview of all defined backups organized in groups. Backup4all comes with several predefined backup jobs: "My Documents", "My Pictures", "Outlook Express" and allows importing backup plugins for dozens of other applications
  • Pause/Resume or Stop operation:
  • The backup operation now supports pausing and resuming, so running a backup job can be interrupted and continued at a later time. There is also a Stop operation now, that when pressed will not Cancel the backup, but instead will save everything until that point when it was pressed
  • Backup catalog file:
  • Backup4all stores a summary snapshot of the file and folder information into a backup catalog file (".bkc") each time a backup is executed. This catalog is stored in a different file than the backup itself and it allows Backup4all to keep track of the backed up files. The advantage of using a catalog is faster backup execution. Another advantage is that you can run Backup4all together with other backup applications because they will not interfere with each other
  • Backup directly to CD/DVD/Blu-ray:
  • This backup software comes with its own built-in CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning support. Just set the destination on CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc and execute the backup job. However, you can use UDF format (using SPTD driver installed with Backup4all, or other products such as DirectCD or InCD) or the Joliet format. Backup4all also has the possibility to erase CD-RW/DVD-RW/Blu-ray media
  • Backup Destination:
  • You can store the backup in a local folder, on another computer in the same LAN, on media such as: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW, Blu-ray, Blu-ray RW, on USB drives or other removable media
  • Extra Actions:
  • Perform extra actions before and/or after backup execution
  • Create shortcut for backup job/group:
  • You can create a "shortcut" of a backup job or backup group to a desired location. Whenever you will double-click that shortcut, the backup job defined will start running. You can make it a "one click backup" if you place that shortcut in the Quick Launch menu
  • Statistics:
  • You can actually see the number of files that will be processed at next backup (very useful when you have a large number of files). Other information refers to the size and date of the executed backups and the available free space on storage destination
  • Play custom sounds:
  • Backup4all can play custom success/warning/error sounds at the end of the backup
  • File warnings:
  • File warnings are displayed to the user during backup execution if the user chooses so. These warnings are also written to the log file. Scheduled backups do not show these warnings even when this option is set
  • New Backup Wizard:
  • This backup software provides step-by-step instructions to create a new backup job by selecting Where, What, How and When to backup
  • Easy File and Folder Selection:
  • You can browse a folder tree to select several files and folders as source of the backup or you can include or exclude them individually. Multiple files/folders can be added as Sources at once (drag-and-drop supported)
  • Backup Types:
  • Different backup types to choose from: full backup, differential backup, and mirror backup
  • Standard Zip Compression and zip64 support:
  • If the zip file size is less than 2 Gbytes, Backup4all creates standard zip files. This format is compatible with any zip utility available on the market. Unlike other backup softwares, for zip files greater than 2 Gbytes, Backup4all uses zip64 technology (which allows unlimited zip file size)
  • Backup Plugins:
  • Starting with version 3.10 is possible to load plugins to backup/restore the settings of specific programs. A plugin is actually an XML file that once imported in Backup4all adds a predefined backup. For instance, a backup plugin for Mozilla FireFox, when loaded, will automatically add in the Predefined Backup list an entry for Firefox, so when defining a new backup job if that’s selected, the FireFox profiles will be added as source for the new backup
  • Customized Zip Names:
  • You can customize name prefixes for the zip archives, which store your backup versions. Backup4all also supports file/folder paths longer than 260 characters (turn off file parsing)
  • Password Protection:
  • You can protect your ZIP files by setting a password for each backup job
  • Snapshots:
  • Mirror backup type makes an exact copy of selected files and folders (copying NTFS permissions and alternate streams), including empty folders too (for an exact copy of the source). Optionally, for mirror backups you can choose to zip the backed up files individually
  • Disk Spanning:
  • Automated support for splitting your backup between many removable disks or even on the same media. You can specify the maximum size of the zip archives. When performing a mirror backup and using disk spanning you can choose not to split the files. This is an useful option because you can copy your music/movies to CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc and not have them split up when the CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc is full
  • Logs:
  • The operations performed by Backup4all are logged. This allows you to see the status of performed operations (backup/test/cleanup/restore). A backup job/group History view is available too (which also lets you export the information as .csv)
  • Command Line:
  • A command line version of this backup application is available too (that lets you run different operations using parameters)
  • Restore Wizard:
  • Restore backed up data step-by-step. Allows you to choose the version of files which will be restored and filter them to restore only the needed versions (file versioning applies to full, differential and incremental backups only). You can quickly restore the latest version of a file/folder as well as restoring versions of files backed up at a specific date
  • Compatibility:
  • You can restore data using any standard zip software. Backup4all gives you this way more flexibility if you need to restore data on a different computer (if the backup was created using independent splits, see this section on how to restore correctly using 3rd party zip software)
  • One touch backup:
  • Some USB enclosures have a button to start the execution of an associated program. If you have such a device, you can configure Backup4all to execute a backup job or a backup group when this button is pressed (works only with certain USB enclosures)
  • Summary:
  • Text description of the full setup for each backup job that allows you to easily review the information regarding the backup
  • Program security:
  • Backup4all offers an option to lock its interface so that when it starts you will need to provide a password in order to unlock it and be able to make changes to its settings
  • Test backup:
  • The application tests the backups (using CRC32). This ensures that the files have been backed up properly and the backup is safe. You can also test the backup integrity at a later time from Backup4all's main menu. When backing up to removable media, after each media item written the backup test is performed (for spanned backups)

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