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Name: install4j Portable
Works on: windowsWindows 2000 and above
Version: 7
Last Updated: 20 Sep 2017
Release: 19 Sep 2017
Category: Portable > Authoring Tools
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install4j Portable Details

Works on: Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows XP | Windows 2000 | Windows 2003 | Windows 2008 | Windows Vista | Windows 2012
File Format: zip

SHA1 Hash 32bit version: dbbf03c4c9f30cf92b2cdd3d8026f1fc3aafe22b
Size 32bit version: 93.93 MB

SHA1 Hash 64bit version: d5863d1d8df2225e1b58c847ddf81922c3b42893
Size 64bit version: 97.96 MB

Rating: 3.04347826 out of 5 based on 23 user ratings
Publisher Website: External Link
Downloads: 3342
License: Demo / Trial Version
install4j Portable is a demo software by ej-technologies GmbH and works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2012.
You can download install4j Portable which is 93.93 MB in size and belongs to the software category Authoring Tools.
install4j Portable was released on 2017-09-19 and last updated on our database on 2017-09-20 and is currently at version 7.
We also have install4j Portable 64bit version which is 97.96 MB in size and will work on x64 computers.
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install4j Portable Description

  • IDE and Compiler:
  • Easy to use IDE for designing installers
  • Powerful built-in script editor
  • Code gallery with example scripts
  • Build from within the IDE
  • Command line compiler
  • Ant task
  • Build on any platform
  • Build debug installers
  • XML project file
  • Project export to HTML
  • Construction of a Distribution Tree:
  • Freely define your distribution tree
  • Configure multiple installation roots
  • Configure multiple file sets
  • Handle platform-specific differences
  • Define file rights for Unix, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Define fine-grained uninstallation policies
  • Define fine-grained overwrite policies
  • Define a tree of installation components
  • Compilation of Native Launchers:
  • Customized JRE/JDK detection
  • Flexible classpath construction
  • GUI and console launchers
  • Service launchers
  • Custom working directory
  • VM parameters file
  • Enforce single instance on Windows
  • React to file association startups on Mac OS X
  • Windows version info resource
  • Configurable execution level for Windows Vista
  • Custom script for Linux/Unix launchers
  • Splash screen
  • Redirection of stderr and stdout
  • Startup failure detection
  • Custom icon
  • Custom process name and task bar grouping on Windows XP
  • Application bundle on Mac OS X
  • Installers and Uninstallers:
  • Support for Java 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6
  • LZMA and Pack200 compression algorithms
  • GUI installer mode
  • Console installer mode
  • Unattended installer mode
  • Unified screen and action configuration for all installer modes
  • Response files for installers
  • Integration for code signing
  • Localization into many languages
  • Language detection at runtime
  • Net installers
  • CD installers
  • Configurable icon, window size and images
  • Installer log file
  • JRE Bundling and On-Demand Download of JREs:
  • Dynamically bundle a JRE
  • Statically bundle a JRE
  • Install a shared JRE
  • Prepare your own JRE bundles
  • Updates:
  • Application ID
  • Suggest previous locations
  • Run the uninstaller for updates
  • Stop deployed services
  • Detect running instances of an application
  • Create "add-on" installers
  • Auto-Update Functionality:
  • Updater templates
  • Auto-generated update descriptor
  • Flexible update selection logic
  • Updater API
  • Update schedule registry
  • Flexible Definition of Installer Applications:
  • Custom installer applications
  • Screens and action groups
  • Re-use of screens and actions with linking
  • Disabling of screens, actions and form components
  • Comments
  • Quick search
  • Screens:
  • Configurable screen sequence for installers and uninstallers
  • Standard screens for common tasks
  • Configurable screens
  • Form screens
  • Actions:
  • Configurable action sequence for all screens
  • Actions for scripting the installer or uninstaller
  • Desktop integration actions
  • File operation actions
  • Options for the "Finish" screen
  • Registry and preference store modifications
  • Service actions
  • Text file modifications
  • XML file modifications
  • Other miscellaneous actions
  • Variables:
  • Compiler variables
  • Installer variables
  • Launcher variables
  • Localization keys
  • Installer API:
  • Installer and uninstaller context
  • General services
  • Platform-specific services
  • Installer events
  • Framework for screens, actions and form components
  • JavaBeans framework
  • Extensibility:
  • JavaBeans extension model
  • Easy integration of custom code
  • Extensions

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