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Name: TweakBIOS Registered Version
Works on: windowsWindows 7 and above
Developer: Miro Wikgren
Version: 1.53
Last Updated: 14 Jun 2017
Release: 14 Oct 2013
Category: System > Benchmarks
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TweakBIOS Registered Version Details

Works on: Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows 2012
SHA1 Hash: 952d7f155e2313314401fc935366c605757f0104
Size: 161.77 KB
File Format: zip
Rating: 3.28125 out of 5 based on 64 user ratings
Publisher Website: External Link
Downloads: 3836
License: Demo / Trial Version
TweakBIOS Registered Version is a demo software by Miro Wikgren and works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2012.
You can download TweakBIOS Registered Version which is 161.77 KB in size and belongs to the software category Benchmarks.
TweakBIOS Registered Version was released on 2013-10-14 and last updated on our database on 2017-06-14 and is currently at version 1.53.
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TweakBIOS Registered Version Description

Tired of your useless BIOS, that won't let you tweak your machine for maximum performance? Wishing you had a MR-BIOS, or even Award?

This shareware program lets you tune your chipset, CPU and video card probably more than any 'real' BIOS. And using it is simple; you don't have to worry about 'flashing' your BIOS, you can run it from the DOS prompt! And you can change the settings on the fly! No need to reboot your machine!

This program can tune probably all computers (running DOS or Windows 95) with one of the following chipsets, CPUs or video cards, regardless of your BIOS:
Intel chipsets: Triton 1, 2 & 3 (FX, HX, VX), 430TX, 440LX, 440BX, 440EX, 440FX (Natoma), 450KX/GX, 430MX, 430LX/NX (Mercury/Neptune), 420ZX (Saturn), 440GX, 440ZX, 450NX and i810
VIA Chipsets: VP-1, VP-2, VP-3 and MVP-3
AMD Chipsets: AMD-640 and AMD-750
SiS Chipsets: 5511/12/13, 5571, 5581/2, 5591/2, 5595, 5596, 5597/8, 85C501/2/3, SiS 496
OPTi Viper & Vendetta
ALi Aladdin II, III, IV and V
UMC 881
ITE 8330G
Cyrix CPUs: 5×86, 6×86, 6x86MX
Tseng Labs ET6000 based graphics cards
Matrox Mystique graphics cards
Intel i740 based graphics cards

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