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Name: DesignCAD 3D Max
Works on: windowsWindows 7 and above
Developer: IMSI/Design, LLC
Version: 26
Last Updated: 15 Apr 2017
Release: 12 Oct 2016
Category: Science CAD
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DesignCAD 3D Max Details

Works on: Windows 10 | Windows 8.1 | Windows 8 | Windows 7 | Windows 2012
File Format: exe

SHA1 Hash 32bit version: 3ae715bb9bf519ff6baebfd92ac1baba320e7956
Size 32bit version: 100.6 MB

SHA1 Hash 64bit version: fb3e8fbbcc973bc7ce967fd3dd401ffd05ee2d63
Size 64bit version: 117.63 MB

Rating: 2.04347826 out of 5 based on 23 user ratings
Publisher Website: External Link
Downloads: 1728
License: Demo / Trial Version
DesignCAD 3D Max is a demo software by IMSI/Design, LLC and works on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2012.
You can download DesignCAD 3D Max which is 100.6 MB in size and belongs to the software category Science CAD.
DesignCAD 3D Max was released on 2016-10-12 and last updated on our database on 2017-04-15 and is currently at version 26.
We also have DesignCAD 3D Max 64bit version which is 117.63 MB in size and will work on x64 computers.
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DesignCAD 3D Max Description

  • Versatile, Easy to Learn & Use:
  • DesignCAD 3D MAX is a general purpose CAD tool for easily creating precise, high-quality images, models and animations. 2D drafting and 3D modeling have never been easier. Design everything from furniture, decks, floorplans and architectural drawings to engineering layouts, electronic schematics, plats, maps, elevations and even toys for hobbies.
  • Easy to Use 2D Drafting & Design:
  • Intuitive yet sophisticated editing tools, advanced geometric construction capabilities, drawing short cut keys and complete layer management make 2D drafting a breeze.
  • Usability Tools
  • Workspace Tools
  • Macros
  • Drawing Tools
  • Editing and Measuring
  • Dimension Tools
  • Groups, Blocks, Symbols and more!
  • Precision 3D Modeling:
  • Access a full range of powerful 3D modeling primitives, including box, sphere, hemisphere, pyramid, cylinder, cone and torus. Utilize Boolean operations, including solid add, solid subtract, and slice, to shape your 3D parts. Add materials to your model to create presentation ready designs.
  • 3D View Settings
  • 3D Primitives
  • 3D (Solid) Editing Operations
  • 3D Visualization
  • Realistic Visualization and Lighting:
  • Render your 3D models with applied materials or texture maps or use transparency and fogging for added impact.
  • Shadow Tool - smooth the edges of rendered shadows
  • Procedural Textures - add marble, wood, cement, grain, patch, perlin noise, brick, cells or wood extended textures to your designs.
  • Image Fills - Use an image as a fill pattern.
  • Layers:
  • DesignCAD utilizes layers that can be independently switched on and off in order for users to have a better visibility of the drawing. For example, if one just needs to see the outline of the component, he or she can switch off other layers containing center lines, dimensions, etc.
  • DesignCAD can also lock layers, so that they are visible but not editable, in order to prevent accidental changes to the locked layer. Some features of objects, such as color or linestyle, can also be controlled on a per-layer basis, so for example, objects drawn in a particular layer can automatically have a certain color and/or linestyle applied. DesignCAD allows users to switch these by-layer settings on or off at will, or allow the settings to change automatically as they switch to and from layers with color or linestyle presets.
  • The Layer Options dialog box has been redesigned in DesignCAD v22 to maximize the amount of layer information displayed. You can resize the dialog box to show more layers and longer layer names, columns can be hidden, resized, or rearranged, and new capabilities have been added to Show Marked Layers, Hide Marked Layers, Lock Marked Layers, Unlock Marked Layers, Clear Marked Layer Colors, Clear Marked Layer Line styles, and Clear All Layer names.
  • Millions of 2D/3D Symbols:
  • Choose from more than 10,000 2D/3D symbols to quickly drag and drop into your design. Plus, get access to millions more mechanical and architectural symbols with a free 3-month subscription to!
  • 3D Model Content for Easier Architectural Design:
  • Access 600 editable 3D models to quickly drag and drop into your architectural designs. Each colorful, fully texture-mapped symbol can be modified to your exact specification. Choose from:
  • 129 structural models – doors and hardware, windows and window treatments, fireplaces, wood moldings and more
  • 234 kitchen items – cabinets, appliances, faucets, sinks, counters and more
  • 52 bath items – tubs, faucets, sinks, vanities and more
  • 134 residential items – furniture, lighting fixtures and home décor
  • 51 office items – desks, file & storage cabinets, tables, shelving and more
  • Animation & Walkthroughs:
  • Create stunning animated presentations with a moving view of your 3D model.
  • Drawing Compare:
  • Select two DesignCAD drawings or .BMP images, and Drawing Compare will perform a visual comparison of the two.
  • There are options to switch from one to the other, to show only the differences, or to have the differences blink, quickly highlighting where changes have been made. Zoom In or select to Zoom to Differences to quickly spot any updates.
  • The drawing comparison is an invaluable aid when working collaboratively on a project, or when picking up an older project and looking to see the status of updates. Use it to compare a design and an As Built drawing to see where changes have been implemented.
  • Added Flexibility when Sharing Your Work:
  • New Print Section - Print only a specified region of the drawing.
  • Print Scale Options - Select from a standard set of print scale options or create your own.
  • User Notes – Add notes to any drawing
  • Save for Sharing - When you save a drawing, all files referenced externally (textures, symbols, images) are saved to a subfolder with the host drawing’s name.
  • Paper Space Mode – Create a view frame and choose a specific scale or enter a custom view frame scale.
  • AutoCAD DWG/DXF Compatible and more:
  • Work with the latest AutoCAD files. Import/Export AutoCAD files through 2012 and enjoy excellent compatibility with AutoCAD layouts and PaperSpace, plus support for AutoCAD layers, linestyles, views, and blocks in both DXF and DWG file formats. DesignCAD even offers limited support for Architectural Desktop (ADT) objects, which are recognized and exploded to DesignCAD equivalents.
  • DesignCAD imports DWG, DXF, WMF, HPGL and XYZ files and exports to DWG, DXF, WMF, HPGL, RIB, VRML, WPG and PDF.
  • DesignCAD also supports several image formats including .BMP, .TIF, .JPG, .TGA, .WMF, .PSD, .AWD, .EPS, .WPG, .TIF, .PCX, and .PNG
  • Extensible:
  • Use the built-in BasicCAD scripting language, or OLE Automation, or both, to add new tools and enhancements to DesignCAD.

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